About Us

Chinese Artists and Designers Society(CADS), former as Chinese Artist Alliance is a Non Profit Organization founded in 2014. CADS is the collaboration of major art schools in New York city. Its members are from the Chinese Student and Scholar Association (CSSA) from Pratt Institute, Parsons, School of Visual Art and Fashion Institute of Technology. We help international students from China to get acclimated to the New York City. We host events like social gala, competitions, and lecture series. We aim to promote Chinese culture in America through art form, as well as building a communication platform which links the artists in New York and China.


纽约艺术设计联盟(Chinese Artists and Desginers Society),是美国纽约州政府注册的非盈利机构,旨在服务纽约四所世界知名艺术院校(Pratt Institute普瑞特艺术学院、New School of Parsons帕森斯设计学院、School of Visual Arts纽约视觉艺术学院以及Fashion Institute of Technology纽约时装技术学院)的华人学生学者校友,以及搭建一座中美艺术界交流的桥梁。

CADS的成员包括普瑞特艺术学院华人学生学者联谊会(Pratt CSSA),帕森斯设计学院华人学生学者联谊会(New School CSSA),纽约视觉艺术学院华人学生学者联谊会(SVA CSSA),纽约时装技术学院华人学生学者联谊会(FIT CSSA)。